DamonFIT provides sustainable solutions to those in need of maximizing their athletic and cycling potential while applying functional strength and flexibilty techniques.

So what’s different about what I do? I can define what makes you unique and help you integrate functional integrative tools into your lifestyle, forging a path to a healthier, successful and sustainable future.

Are you at a point where you feel lost in a sea of options, like the goals you’ve set and the efforts applied have yielded results less desireable than you thought?  Then let me help you discover whats possible and our mutual efforts will result in powerful actions and forward moving returns on your investment of you.

Like many cyclists, when you bought a new bike, you were quickly measured to adjust the position of the seat and the handlebars. After a few rides, you might have made some adjustments on your own.

This process hopefully confirmed that your bike was the correct size. But it’s not a proper fit.

A Performance Fit by a trained professional is essentially our way of testing to ensure that your bike is not interfering with your body’s ability to perform at its optimum. You will ride with more comfort, power and speed!

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Proper Yoga movement technique and whole body weight exercises are essential to managing a healthy lifestyle. Yet most traditional therapy modalities and gym workout routines can be fairly tedious and are often abandoned after initial attempts due to lack of effective guidance, functional technique and sustainable motivation.

Research is showing how valuable functional integrative therapies are key to keep ones body working more efficiently with less effort while decreasing the chance for stress, overuse symptoms and injuries.

A comprehensive approach to Active Care Therapy can re-define your potential on a daily basis. Damon will help you develop a custom program tailored to you and your ever evolving lifestyle.

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It’s natural for an non athletes and athletes to constantly ask: Am I as fit as I need to be for me? Am I getting the most out of each workout or ride? Could I function better, ride more powerfully and efficiently? Do you find  that you are constantly testing your fitness every time you hit the gym, yoga mat or bike ride?

On our own, we may talk to other fitness coaches, yoga teachers and like minded peers, do some research, and experiment with different strategies. Yet often, our improvement stalls and our performance levels off.

Endurance Coaching is designed around you,  to break through those plateaus, guide and mentor you through new levels of a better and fitter version of you.

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